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releases by ian (mariano)

westron (single) - nsr 014

released: summer 2009
This song was first publicly played at Metropolis in Cleveland, OH

Written, performed and produced by Ian Mariano.

1 westron 5:06 Play

katana (single) - nsr 0x0c

released: 2008
This is one of ian's favorite tracks and was written to evoke avatar misbehavior.

Written, performed and produced by Ian Mariano.

1 katana 6:39 Play

NSR 010

released: spring 2004
Written, performed and produced by Ian Mariano
1 cielago 6:10 Play
2 archangel 6:35 Play
3 16 4:13 Play
4 another 5:38 Play
5 11 4:45 Play
6 tsch 4:45 Play
7 come down and see me 3:45 Play

NSR 001

released: january 2003
This was the first official release on n space records. The first time it was played publicly was at Sin Sin in NYC during a dj set by Ian Mariano

Written, performed and produced by Ian Mariano.

1 tribute 5:25 Play
2 banner 5:52 Play
3 idlewild 5:02 Play

Previously Unreleased - nsr 015

released: 1990's through to the present
These tracks were previously unreleased tracks by Ian Mariano, not available on any other "official" release. Enjoy!

Written, performed and produced by Ian Mariano.

1 starry eyed effect 6:07 Dirtytron! Written around 2003. Play
2 new jack 6:17 A little hot trancer, Written around 2003. Play
3 drift 5:46 Big club contact! Written around 2003. Play
4 tech hump 5:46 Written around 2003. Play
5 downtime 6:53 Written around 2003. Play
6 scanner 8:11 Released around 2002. Play
7 pieces of kate 4:04 Written for Kate Catanese around 2001. Play
8 sleepytime (edit) 4:55 A little atmo d&b. Written around 2000. Play
9 ad astra 6:09 Whoa. Debuted during a DJ set in Pittsburgh at the Metropol. Way back. Written around 1994. Play
10 loops 5:33 This track was supposed to be the B-side to "ad astra". Written around 1994. Play